What sizes do you offer?

We offer small and large sized mobiles.

What is the size difference between the small and large mobile?


Large size are made from a 10” hoop, but will be 12" in diameter after finished with the tied ribbon strips & the shapes, and are approx. 34-36" long. They are fuller than the small mobiles in the amount of shapes. Small mobiles have a finished diameter of 10" and are approximately 27" long.


Large size are 10" in diameter and approx. 36" long. They have close to 2.5x the amount of felt shapes as the small mobiles. Small mobiles are approx. 8" in diameter and approx. 32" in length from very top of hanging string to bottom of lowest hanging felt ball

**please see each individual listing for specific dimension details**

Can you customize colors? Shapes?

Yes! We love creating custom pieces so send us a message and let us know what you are looking for.

How do you hang the mobile?

Because our mobiles are larger and longer than your basic store-bought nursery mobile, we recommend hanging from a ceiling hook (can also be purchased in our shop if you need one) to make sure the mobile stays out of arm reach of baby. Store-bought mobiles must be removed when baby starts to sit up, but because ours hang from the ceiling, they can transition with your child as they grow and can even be used as wedding décor, and home décor throughout the house.

Ceiling hook listing can be found here: on our ETSY SHOP and at LOVEBUGLULLABIES.COM

Can you hang the mobile from a crib arm

Because of the length of the mobile strands, for safety reasons we do not recommend hanging from a crib arm. Make sure mobiles are out of baby’s reach.

What if I have tall ceilings?

We can include a length of the clear wire which you can use to hang the mobile lower with. Just write us a message in the “note to seller” section during checkout if you would like that included.

How long will it take to create my mobile?

Our current production can be found on our website homepage LovebugLullabies.com AND in our “shop info” section on our Etsy Shop

Do you offer a rush service?

Yes! We offer a rush service where we can create your mobile in 3 days instead of our current stated production time. This is a $15 fee and this option can be found and added to your shopping cart either on our ETSY SHOP or at LOVEBUGLULLABIES.COM